Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Two new Oz arrivals yesterday

I got home last night, and there were two packages for me, full of Ozzy goodness.

The first was from BuyMeToys.com. I bought two variant versions of issue #0 of their new series The Oz/Wonderland Chroncles, which features Dorothy Gale and Alice Liddell becoming college roommates neither one remembering the adventures that made them so famous. The regular issue was supposed to have come out last week, but our shop didn't get theirs, which is sadly typical of the distribution process. The two variants, however, are only available through the website. The first is the exclusive cover edition, but they don't say who did the cover. The second version is Wizard World Exclusive Edition, which was previously given out at a con in Chicago. And hey, you can buy them unsigned, or signed at no additional cost!

The other arrival was from the publishers of a new omnibus edition of all fourteen Baum Oz books, plus The Little Wizard Stories of Oz. I helped them out a bit with some questions, and they thanked me by sending me two copies of the paperback edition, with two copies of the hardcover edition coming soon. I promised that I'd give all those extras a good home. (By the way, those of you who want your Oz books unedited and unaltered? Avoid this book. Not only is it text only -- no illustrations -- but there were a few edits about the Tottenhots in The Patchwork Girl of Oz and Rinkitink in Oz, and Victor Columbia Edison's song in Patchwork Girl was also altered. These appear to be different edits than in the Books of Wonder editions, however, and unlike the BoW Patchwork Girl, they acknowledge the changes in the opening pages.

I am very slowly reaching the end of The Oz Principle, which is interesting but not terribly Ozzy, as it's about accountability in the business world, with a little Oz thrown in to illustrate points. The things I go through as an Oz completist...

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