Sunday, May 09, 2021

This Week's Oz Political Cartoon

Clay Jones has this to say about Liz Cheney's current battle with the rest of the Republican party. (One comment I saw said that those should be elephants, not monkeys. I agreed, but added that then it wouldn't be Ozzy. Admittedly, that's not a terribly helpful comment.)

Sunday, May 02, 2021

Today's Oz Comics

A surprising two-fer today:

  • First, Free Range has some new Oz collectibles that I'm sure more than a few fans actually would like to have.
  • Then, over in Yaffle, Dorothy has a problem, but not as big as the Wicked Witch's security and safety issues!

Saturday, May 01, 2021

Oz Not In Jeopardy!

It has been a very long time since I featured a Jeopardy! clue here, because it was becoming too big of a problem to keep track of games and snag the graphics. But last night, in the final game with guest host Anderson Cooper, the most extraordinary clue came up that I just had to share—and it wasn't even about Oz! The Final Jeopardy! category was Books and Authors, which is pretty broad, so I really didn't think much about it. Then this clue was revealed…


My mind was blown! A clue about Queen Zixi of Ix, my favorite book by L. Frank Baum (yes, even better than the Oz books)? Wow! But would any of the players know that? After thirty seconds of the most iconic game show music ever, we were about to find out. First, Andy, the challenger on the right who struggled all game and really didn't have much of a chance, wasn't able to finish and only had "Who is And". At first I thought he might be trying to flatter the host, but now I realize he was probably referring to Hans Christian Andersen. With a pot of $3400 and a wager of $3400, he lost it all. Next was Sheila, in the middle, who responded with, "Who is Roald Dahl?" She bet $1500 of her $8400 and ended up with a final score of $6900. Finally, defending champion Emily's response was revealed: "Who is Baum?" Hooray! Anderson Cooper added that the author's name was Lyman Frank Baum (giving it the German pronunciation, not the American pronunciation preferred by the family making it sound like "bomb"), and that Noland was in the deadly desert surrounding Oz (which is not the case, Noland is on the other side of the desert, across from Oz). Emily had bet $1401, adding that to her $15,400 for a final score of $16,801. For knowing that, Emily has now become my all-time favorite Jeopardy! champion.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Today's Oz Comic

Today in The Argyle Sweater, it seems there's more than one way to get a heart. I was especially amused by one of the comments: "Calling Dr. Oz, you're wanted in surgery." Someone else noticed that the monitor show's he's flatlining, but that's because he doesn't have a heart yet!

Saturday, April 24, 2021

What Ozzy Thing Am I Doing Now?

The International Wizard of Oz Club this year is celebrating fifty years of its fiction anthology, Oziana, with a series of readings from over the years. In most cases, they're trying to get the original authors to read their own stories, but not everyone is able to, or wants to, so a few others are jumping in to pinch hit—like me. My first contribution was most of the 1972 story "It's Tuesday; This Must Be Oz", after author Mary Reynolds introduced it and read the first chapter. So here it is! (Warning: It's a long one, and I do take a break in the middle, so there's a little jump.)

I offered to do that story on the condition that I could read another one, from the 1989 issue, "Rated G for Glinda" by "Leroy Fleming", whose true identity you will discover when you watch this video (which is, thankfully, a lot shorter and had a lot fewer characters to keep track of):
I hope there's the chance to do a few more, but if not, I'm happy I was able to contribute to these ones.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Today's Oz Political Cartoon

I think John Darkow sums up a lot of people's feelings in this political cartoon of his from the other day.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

This Week's Oz Comics

It's a good thing I never got around to blogging about yesterday's edition of Monty, because it turns out that the storyline continues today anyway, so I can blog them both together!

Friday, April 16, 2021

It's Back On Stage!

It has been a very long time since I have posted one of these videos. Of course, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been a very long time since there have been any new Wicked videos. But that's all changed now, with a new production now running in Seoul that will soon be transferring to Busan. So here are some highlights of Wicked's current Korean production:

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Yesterday's Oz Comic

In yesterday's edition of , we get a look at what might happen in a modern day remake of the famous film version of The Wizard of Oz. Personally, I think they did it better in the original.

Sunday, April 04, 2021

Today's Oz Comics

Wow, we had such a long spell there with so few Oz comics, now they're coming thick and fast. Case in point, today's edition of Bizarro is one of those puzzle versions he does once in a while. I think most of my fellow Oz fans will very quickly get the first one in the third panel!

Saturday, April 03, 2021

Today's Oz Comic

Hmm, there appears to be two different tales getting mixed up in today's edition of Between Friends.

Thursday, April 01, 2021

Today's Oz Comic

It seems to be a really long time since anybody has posted a new Oz comic. Let's fix that now! Here's today's edition of Rhymes with Orange, where the characters have to deal with some slight technology upgrades.

Friday, March 26, 2021

The Latest Oz Reading

Following the second part of Pharaoh, I delved into Witches, the fourteenth collection of the Fables comic book. And now it's really starting to get Ozzy! Bufkin the flying monkey has a good deal to do, and even gets a chapter named for him in this volume's main storyline, about the latest maneuvering as the Fables face yet another powerful adversary. Bufkin even loses his wings in an accident! But the real star is Ozma, who is now acknowledged as being the little blonde witch in the coven. She's even on the cover. Ozma decides a change in leadership is needed, and moves to remove Frau Totenkinder as head. And Ozma proves to be very good in a leadership role, but that's partly because she knows when to call in help so as to make it look as if she's not involved. There's also a backup story about the problems when goblins try to go against their nature, all because of baseball. The whole series is pretty amazing, but if you only want to read it for the Oz content, and a single winged monkey isn't Ozzy enough, this is the collection you should start with, as Oz gets stamped hard onto the Fables brand here. And Ozma's role only gest bigger after this.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Today's Recent Oz Comics

A two-fer today, but neither one of them is new.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Latest Oz Re-Reading

First, I'm rereading Pharaoh, Eloise Jarvis McGraw's only adult novel. It's been a while, and forgot just how long it is (over 500 pages)! Plus, my pleasure reading time is limited right now, so I didn't want to spend too long reading it before tackling some lighter, Ozzier fare. Since Pharaoh is divided into four parts, I'd take a break after each part. So, between parts 1 and 2, I reread Thorns and Private Files in Oz by Melody Grandy and Chris Dulabone, since it ties into the Seven Blue Mountains of Oz trilogy I recently wrapped up. Well, the ties are very loose as it turns out, and despite what some told me, Zim Greenleaf does not appear in this book. (It seems it ties into one of the stories in the third Seven Blue Mountains book, Zim Greenleaf of Oz, but I don't recall it now.) It does start off in Oogaboo, as one might expect from the title. Hank the Mule goes up there to visit Files and Ozga, and the three of them set off to explore a forest just south of Oogaboo, where they find a deserted castle overgrown with rosebushes. They find that the surrounding woods do not allow them to leave, and Ozga discovers new powers over plants. Eventually, they discover the with Nevou and why she enchanted everybody in Cerune. It was a pleasant little read, but as you may already be able to tell not terribly memorable (I finished it last weekend, and already most of it has faded.)

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Today's Oz Comic

Today in Savage Chickens, it seems some common but appropriate aphorisms can have implications for others.

Sunday, March 07, 2021

Yesterday's Oz Comic

I discovered this edition of Free Range very late last night, so I didn't have time to post anything about it. But yeah, I could totally see this happening if there were more than one witch in Oz with certain flying animals as pets.

Thursday, March 04, 2021

Today's Oz Political Cartoon

The latest political figure to become Ozzified: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, of course, in this cartoon by Paul W. Berge.

Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Cap'n Bill in "Going Nowhere Fast"

Okay, more characters from the books they're probably not going to get quite right. This time we'll see about Cap'n Bill, Trot, and Button-Bright. But first, Ozma's magic helps make spring cleaning a lot easier, if slightly more dangerous. (Didn't any of them see "The Sorcerer's Appretice" in Fantasia?) As everyone heads out for a post-tidy picnic, a flying sailboat crashes into the upper tower. The captain? None other than the legendary Bill Wheedles (yay!), a curly-haired boy with two intact legs (huh?). So how did he get there? Flashback to a scene on Sky Island (yay!) where the captains friends and first mates, Trot and Button-Bright (yay), a couple of tiny tots who sound like Dickensian street urchins (huh?) are runnig from the evil Boolooroo (yay—wait, no, that's not a yay!), a big burly fellow in a blue suit. (Huh? Okay, I'll stop with the editorializing now and just get on with it.) But Cap'n Bill is there to rescue them! The Boolooroo wants the secret to the Triple Rainbow, and stops Cap'n Bill and takes the tykes away on a purple dragon. (Yeah, definitely not the same Sky Island as the books. Whoops, sorry.) The Boolooroo orders a pair of raks to deal with Cap'n Bill, but he escapes to his ship, sails off, and vanquishes them. The damage to his ship, however, causes him to crash into Oz—and now we're caught up. Cap'n Bill needs to go back, defeat the Boolooroo, and rescue Trot and Button-Bright, but with a damaged ship and no crew, he has no chance. Of course Doroty and the boys pitch in to do both. One ship repair montage later, and they're heading to Sky Island! More raks attack, but some deft flying and magic cannons deal with them. The Boolooroo, not getting what he wants from the kids, decides to drop them off the edge of the island, where of course they land on the ship and into the Lion's arms. The Boolooroo didn't get what he wanted, so they sail off. Cap'n Bill offers Dorothy and her friends places in his crew, but they decide they'd rather headback to the Emerald City.

One of my all-time favorite scenes in the Oz books is the Crescent Moon flying over Oz in Pirates in Oz, so this reminded me a lot more of Captan Salt than Cap'n Bill. So while I appreciate the set-up of this story, I thought the ending was anticlimactic. There's a lot of saminess to the air battles, and the Boolooroo never gets his comeuppance. Too bad, with a stronger story this would have been much more satisfying.

And with that, we come to the end of the show's second season. There was a third, shorter season, that I hope to get to soon ("soon" being a relative term, seeing how long I keep taking between episodes), but it also has several two-parters, and it kicks off with an epic four-parter, so it may be a challenge to squeeze it all into the rest of my busy life. But I'm also going to try to be more proactive, and see if I can get this series finished within the next few months.

Today's Oz Comics

It's been another varied day of Oz comics.

  • First up, yesterday's edition of Last Kiss (not discovered until this morning) gets a little wild with the c-Oz-play. (This is probably one to keep away from younger or more sensitive Oz fans.)
  • It's not a terribly Ozzy reference, but today in Eek!, Tony Stark does not get called by his superhero name.
  • And in today's vintage edition of Nest Heads, we get a comparison between New Year's Eve and The Wizard of Oz.
See? A little something for everyone!