Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Review Copy Review - Dorothy Gale: Journey to Oz #2

Dorothy Gale: Journey to Oz #2: It had been long enough since I read the first issue that I had to pull it out and reread before I got more than a few pages into this second issue. This is a complicated and interesting story, and if you want to follow it, you need to order the first issue. If you can't, here's an inadequate summary: Dorothy and Toto fall into a cellar while being chased by an old salesman for stealing his blanket, and end up somewhere else. There's a LOT more in the book, but that's the quick summary to get you up-to-date. Now, on to the second issue.

This is a very twisted and different version of Oz. We learn in the first issue why it's that way, but in this issue things just keep getting worse as we're introduced to the Scarecrow and Tik-Tok, along with paranoid Munchkins. The story moves along fast, and it's almost difficult to keep up with it while reading. And Toto is a riot. I'm telling you, most original Toto ever.

I wasn't thrilled with the first issue... I gave it an "average" rating. But this one... this is a little bit different. A bit better. I can see why 64 pages were needed to get to another good stopping point. Fans of Oz and fantasy will want to check this out.

  • Dorothy Gale: Journey to Oz #2 - AUG05 2832 - $7.99

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