Saturday, June 20, 2015

This Week's Oz Short Story

I'm taking a day off from my overview of recent Oz readings to talk about my most recent reading; namely, the latest short story from I Should Have Stayed in Oz. And this one is even by that anthology's editor, Selina Rosen. "Kansas Sucks" is probably the most basic version of the premise so far: Dorothy, back in Kansas, keeps talking about Oz, to the point of which Aunt Em and Uncle Henry are getting annoyed and telling her to be quiet about it, as it was all a dream. When Dorothy injures herself and talks to a doctor about it, he has some good advice for her, which she doesn't quite take in the way it was probably intended! This one was all right, but didn't quite grab me (one way or the other) as other stories in this collection did. I will warn readers that this one has a lot of adult language in it, so (like so many other stories in this anthology) it's probably not best for young or sensitive readers.

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