Saturday, June 20, 2015

Oz in Jeopardy!

Did I forget to mention the other interesting (albeit non-Ozzy) twist to the last Jeopardy! game I wrote about? Kristin, the defending champion, got to play Final Jeopardy! all by herself. The other two players both got themselves into the red, and so had nothing to wager in the final, and so couldn't play. This has not happened in a very long time, and actually made the news in some places. I thought I'd mention that because a few days later, on St. Patrick's Day no less, Kristin was still the champion. In the Double Jeopardy! round, one of the categories was "Quad"-ruple Jeopardy! in which all of the responses had to start with "quad". This did not raise my radar at all, so I was surprised to see this clue for $2000:

This was a Triple Stumper, as nobody wanted to try. The correct response is, of course, "What is Quadling?" Kristin, by the way, went on to win again, but she had competition this time, and it was close. She went on to win one more game before being defeated, which means she was not there when the next Oz clue came up — but I'll tell you more about that later another time.

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