Friday, June 19, 2015

Oz in Jeopardy!

Hey, remember yesterday's blog post, with two Oz (or at least Oz-ish) clues in the same category? Guess what? It happened again the very next day! In the game for March 12, 2015, one of the Double Jeopardy! categories was Lyricists. Like the previous day, the players jumped around a bit, and uncovered the $2000 clue first:

Stephanie, the challenger at the right side lectern, rang in first and guessed, "What is Yap?" which was wrong. After neither of the other players wanted to try, Alex told her that she was close, but it was Yip. A few clues later, for $400, this one was revealed:

Stephanie rang in again, and this time got it right with "Who is Ira Gershwin?" What makes this an Oz clue, of course, is that not only was Harold Arlen the other songwriter on The Wizard of Oz with Harburg, but the singer of "The Man that Got Away" was Judy Garland, in the 1954 remake of A Star Is Born.

More Oz in Jeopardy! soon. (And by the way, it turns out that it's not my television that's messing up the clues and stretching them out tall, but my software. I think it's my video capture program. Oh, well, we'll either live with it, or I'll eventually figure out how to fix this in my graphics program.)

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