Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Latest Oz Project

I may have quietly alluded to this some time ago, but now I can get this out from under the wraps and tell the world. A couple of years ago I was approached by a company to provide them with a "culture map" of The Wizard of Oz. It looked intriguing, and I had a free summer coming up, so decided to give it a go. And they actually paid me (one of the few times my Oz hobby actually made me some serious dough)! It took a little while, but they have finally got everything up and running now, so you can take a look now. I had originally given it to them all as one big hunk of Oz, but they decided to make some changes, shrink things down a bit, and split it into two parts. So, here's the part on the book, and here's the part on The Movie. There's a little overlap, but that's to be expected. And while you're there, poke around and see what else they have as well.

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