Thursday, July 18, 2013

Support This Project!

Here is something very cool that both my wife (the family LEGO nut) and I want to see happen. Jeremiah Boehr is a Master LEGO Designer in Kansas City, and he's created an extremely awesome Wizard of Oz set and submitted it to a site where people can pledge their support. If a project gets enough support, it gets considered by the nice folks at LEGO and possibly made into a set. Since Jeremiah also has the backing of Warner Bros., this could actually happen. He's done a great job — I especially like his design for Dorothy — and we want to get it! (And, hopefully, any follow-up sets in the future! Hmm, Kansas sets done in sepia tones...) So please, this Oz fan and his LEGO fan wife ask you to go take a look at this set and pledge your support. Then, spread the word! We need as many Oz (and movie?) fans to support this as possible. Thanks.

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