Monday, July 08, 2013

The Latest Oz Comics

Yes, I know I've been kind of quiet here lately. Things in my non-online life have been pretty busy, and a lot of stuff has just had to be put on hold. I may finally get my thoughts on Oz the Great and Powerful up soon, for instance, and I have a whole bunch of Oz stuff from Jeopardy! to report on as well. But today, I'll start the catch-up with comic books! I have two months worth to report on here. It's pretty quiet right now in the world of Oz comics, but I suspect that will change in the coming months once I get Marvel's The Emerald City of Oz and Zenescope's Oz miniseries. But here is what I've read most recently:

  • Fables #129. With a little help from Ozma (who has a cameo) and the other witches, Snow White finally deals with the problem that has arisen from her past — but at a terrible price. At least Therese finally made it home.
  • The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #7 is still a lot of background during a standstill of Glinda's castle. This one is about Tip, how he escaped from Mombi, and how he met up with Jack. Then, we see what Jack is really capable of when the chips are down.
  • The Legends of Oz: The Scarecrow #1 is the first of a two-issue miniseries. It's an early story of the Scarecrow, and how she encountered and dealt with anti-scarecrow prejudice in the town of Denslow (!). Yes, it turns out she's not the only one of her kind. And, oh yeah, Legend of Oz debut of the Good Witch of the North!
  • Fables #130. Another Ozma cameo, as she helps to solve the problem of the fate of Bigby, but this one is mostly about some new residents of the castle, and why it's important to listen to your children.
  • The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #8 continues Tip's story about how he and Jack dealt with Mombi — once they deal with an Emerald Assassin who finally breaks into Glinda's. However, with the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Jack, Sawhorse, Tiger, and Glinda all against him, he doesn't stand a chance...right?
  • The Legends of Oz: The Scarecrow #2 wraps up this prequel story. Scarecrow helps the town deal with their issues, but the roots of prejudice run too deep for her to be accepted. Still, she makes one friend.

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