Sunday, April 24, 2011

One for the money, two for the show...

Technically, this isn't Oz, but it's about an important person associated with Oz, so I thought I'd say a few words about it anyway. Some folks are trying to put on a new Broadway musical based on the music of Harold Arlen. You can see a little bit about One for My Baby right here, but I'd better warn you, it starts up right away with a video with sound, so turn your volume down or off if that sort of thing startles you. It doesn't look like the show uses "Over the Rainbow" or any of Arlen's other Wizard of Oz songs, but perhaps they'll figure out a way to incorporate "If I Were King of the Forest" into the show after the workshop. Anyway, they need some money to fund that workshop, and are raising the money through Kickstarter. The good news is, they're already halfway to their goal, with nearly two months to go. And if they raise that $50,000, that will get matched. So it's possible that for a few bucks, you could get in on the ground floor on something big.

Here's an interesting passing thought: If this gets made, and this show makes it to Broadway (another link that opens with a lot of noise and sound), and we get the rumored American version of the BBC's Over the Rainbow show to cast a new Dorothy for a Broadway edition of The Wizard of Oz based on The Movie, and Wicked keeps going like it looks like it's going to, that would be an awful lot of Oz on Broadway! (Hey, a guy can dream, right?)

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