Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oz in Jeopardy!

Oh, wow, they came up big with Oz again this time after ignoring it for a few weeks. On Wednesday's show, in the Double Jeopardy! round, Alex joked around a little and said, "Not our friend Doctor Oz" — you know, this guy:

"— but:"

Okay, this sounded interesting! So, about halfway through the round, Robin, the challenger on the right, selected the category for $400 and got this clue:

Kirsten, the challenger in the middle, rang in and responded with, "Who is the Lion?" which is not correct. Nobody else ventured, and Alex finally told them, "Who is the Scarecrow?" So far so good. But then things got really interesting when Robin chose the next clue, for $800:

What? A clue from the books? An obscure clue from the books? Oh, yeah! Kirsten rang in again and guessed, "What is a thorn?" and lost money again. Nobody else tried and Alex finally said, "What is a needle?" (Thorns are the Loons, Kirsten.) Robin tried again, choosing the $1200 clue:

Another book clue! (Hey, same book, even.) This time Mary, the defending champion, rang in and guessed, "What are teeth?" Um, no. Again, Alex had to step in and tell them, "What is muscle?" After that, they stayed away from that category for a while, emptying the board of everything else. It was Robin's turn to pick again, and she chose $1600:

Kirsten bravely rang in and responded with, "What is hirsutism?" — which was right! But before they could look at the final clue of the board and see what bit of Oz minutia was worth $2000, time ran out. Robin, the only player to pick the Oz questions but not actually to try to guess any of them, ended up winning the game, which is kind of an odd twist on my (already long shattered) theory that your success with Oz clues in Jeopardy! can predict your success in the game overall.

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