Friday, April 29, 2011

Today's Oz comic

You know, in today's Dennis the Menace, Margaret does make a good point. (But why on Earth are they watching it on a black and white television???)


Anonymous said...

I've been looking around for Oz sites today - really like your stuff. I wanted to ask you if you heard of the Eliza Wren album that syncs with Return to Oz - kinda like the pink floyd dark side w/ wizard of oz thing. Thought it would be a cool topic for your site - good stuff too.
Keep at it

Eric said...

Well, happy, have you looked at my main website's links page? I have a whole page devoted to Return to Oz right here, and that includes three different links about the Eliza Wren soundtrack. Yes, I do try to keep my Ozzy eyes out for all kinds of stuff.