Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oz in the comics

Our latest comic book order arrived last week. And yes, there was some Oz in it. In fact, three of them were Ozma of Oz #1. Yes, I bought all three variants. (Those of you who already have #2, indulge me, okay? We have no local comic shop, so we have to buy them mail order. And with our current financial straits, we've limited shipping to once a month. So I'm a little behind.) Yup, just what I've been expecting from Eric and Skottie, it's great. And it ends with our first good look at the Wheelers. You thought they were creepy in Return to Oz, wait until you get a look at Skottie's interpretation! (Oh, wait, you can!) Yup, they have another winner here (was there ever a doubt?)

But the most interesting bit was JSA All-Stars #12. Long-time readers of my blog will know of my infatuation with one of the All-Stars, Maxine Hunkel, AKA Cyclone. Here's what she looks like, as illustrated by one of her creators, the great Alex Ross.

She's tall, a redhead with freckles, smart (she's a student at Harvard), and a Wizard of Oz fan! All qualities I find quite endearing. I love my wife dearly, and wouldn't leave her for any reason, but why can't Max be real, and why couldn't I have met her about twenty years ago??? True, she also has wind-control superpowers and a motormouth, but I could live with those. (What? Oh, right, the blog.) So in JSA All-Stars #12, we not only get a rare issue centering around Max, we get to see inside her dorm room! Take a look!

How cool is that??? She's obviously been buying a few dolls from my friend Karyl. I'd be interested to see what books those are the Scarecrow is sitting on. Incidentally, that may not be a stuffed winged monkey. That is very likely her real pet monkey-with-wings, Frankie.

So yes, I quite enjoyed that issue. Too bad we won't be getting more for a few weeks now.

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