Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oz in Jeopardy!

On last night's show, things started off with a big Oz bang. For not only was there an Oz clue, there was an entire Oz category. And it was a very specific Oz category. It was, in fact,

So, to set things up, our three contestants were Judy, a retired middle school history teacher, at the right lectern; Kemi, a dental student and sports blogger, in the middle; and the defending champion, Laura, an editor and proofreader, on the left. They went to another category first, but tackled Oz next. Kemi was the first to choose, and found this clue under $200:

Kemi rang in first, but incorrectly asked, "What is 'Twister'?" Laura signaled next and responded with, "What is 'The Cyclone'?" She then asked to see what was under $400, and found:

Judy rang in this time and correctly responded, "Who are the Munchkins?" She picked the $600 clue, which was:

Nobody felt brave enough to try, so Alex told them that that six letter word is humbug. Judy then picked the $800 clue, and revealed:

Kami rang in and got it right this time by asking, "What are monkeys, flying monkeys?" Alex added for the benefit of the audience that they're also known as winged monkeys. Kami selected the final clue for $1000 and was met with this:

Laura got in first and correctly asked, "What is the balloon?" And that was it for Oz. Judy went on to win the match, but since they all got one or two right, there's no way I can tell if my theory of "Get an Oz clue right, win the game" works or not.

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