Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's really going to happen!

"What is?" I can hear you wondering. "What's really going to happen?" Well, the Ozma of Oz comic book adaptation, of course. "But Eric," I can hear you lament, "we knew that already. That's not news."

That's true. But we all know Christmas comes around every year, too, but when the tree and tinsel go up, it just becomes that much more real. So in that spirit, here's the artwork to the cover of issue #1. See, now it just feels that much more real, doesn't it? (Thanks to Hungry Tiger Talk for putting this up.)


bombshellcat said...

Oh my! It IS real. I love that despite being its own thing, the comics chose to change Dorothy's hair for this. :)

Gah! I am so excited to see Billina and the Tik-Tok, it's ridiculous.

Xamyul of Florin said...

Yes1 I can't wait to see Dorothy and Ozma together. The artwork of this series is wonderful...it is not like Neill's, but it stands on it's own. And the storyline stays true to the books. I hope this series goes on at least through the first six books. I want more, but I'm afraid to get my hopes up.

Anonymous said...