Saturday, June 22, 2024

Today's Belated Oz Comics

I know the past few months have been crazy, both personally and professionally, but I didn't realize just how crazy until I found a bunch of Oz comics from April I never posted here!

  • From Close to Home on April 9: Okay, he doesn't look terribly Ozzy. But under the circumstances and with that dialogue, maybe we can name him an honorary Ozian.
  • From Cornered, also on April 9: Yup, I think we're all glad he didn't join Dorothy and the gang.
  • From Baby Blues on April 10: I'm not sure if Hammie really knows what a witch is and can do. But at least Darryl is using it to his advantage.
  • And finally, from Wondermark for April 10: They use John R. Neill's art from The Scarecrow of Oz one more time.
  • There was also apparently an Oz reference in Six Chix on April 11, but my access to that appears to no longer be valid. If anyone out there can find it and send it to me, I would be grateful.

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