Thursday, April 04, 2024

The Latest Oz Short Story

Hey, I m on spring break this week, I can post more frequently if I want to, right? The next story from the 2023 edition of Oziana is "Together" by Carter Lappin, with an illustration by David Bishop. This is a short one, and not a lot even happens, but it sure shines a light on the inner thoughts of two of the most important characters in Oz. Dorothy, hoping to get away from court and just be alone with her thoughts for a while, has found a spot on the palace roof that suits her needs. But she is surprised by Ozma, who came up to the roof for the exact same reasons. Since Ozma isn't wearing any emeralds or other jewelry, and is in pants, Dorothy recognizes that Ozma has been channeling her past as Tip. The two friends contemplate their lives and their friendship for a bit, then go off on their ways. It's a very short, introspective story. Bishop's illustration is great, and his take on Ozma shows a side of her we don't see often enough.

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