Thursday, August 17, 2023

This Week's Oz Short Story

Another alternate ending for Rinkitink in Oz from the 2016 issue of Oziana is "King Rinkitink in Oz: An Ending and a Beginninc" by George van Buren and transcribed by C. J. Hinke (van Buren writes everything he does in Latin, so Hinke is the translator). This ending tries to stick as close to what was in the published version, but without Dorothy and the Wizard appearing at all. This is also the second story that involves Bilbil holding onto the white pearl and gaining from its words of wisdom. In this case, it advises Bilbil on how to trick Roquat into transforming him back into Prince Bobo. Since Bobo had a dozen eggs with him when he was enchanted, he's able to use them to secure the release of King Kitticut and Queen Garee as well. With no trip to Oz, they then head straight back to Pingaree, but discover the fate of Gos and Cor along the way. (Fortunately, their oarsmen escape their fate.) It's brief, ticks all the right boxes, but ultimately it's not terribly satisfying, and I can see why it did not win the contest.

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