Saturday, July 22, 2023

The Latest Oz Short Story

The second entry in the Finish King Rinkitink contest, from the 2016 edition of Oziana, is "An Epilogue to Rinkitink in Oz" by Aaron Solomon Adelman. It doesn't follow the brief, in that it's actually a few more pages tacked onto the end of the published version of Rinkitink in Oz. A reporter from The Ozmapalitan has buttonholed Prince Inga and is trying to get to the bottom of his story, but Inga maintains that Dorothy came in and saved his parents with a basket of eggs. Then a few other strange events happen, and Zella swoops in and saves the day. This proves to be the final piece of the puzzle, and the reporter figures the whole thing out. I don't want to say anymore, as it will give things away, but there are hints of other events that happened offstage, and a couple of incidents didn't quite transpire as they did in the book. It's short, it's fun, it introduces some interesting new elements into Oz, but I suspect this one got put on the "This one isn't going to win" pile pretty quickly.

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