Monday, January 17, 2022

Wizard of Oz Comics Roundup

Yeah, I got a bunch, and one is not so recent. So, time to jump in:

  • I think I may have posted this installment of TrivQuiz before (since each one is tied to a particular date, it's easy to recycle installments once a year), but despite appearances to the contrary, there is an Oz connection, in the questions at the end. (Contrary to the comment this generated on Focebook, no, Ted Cassidy did not play a Munchkin.)
  • Real quick: Eno had that dream again in The Duplex.
  • It politics, Dave Whamond gives us the worst possible one-person version of The Wizard of Oz.
  • And the very first Oz comic of 2022? It was part of the Sunday omnibus edition of Tundra way back on January 2. Unlike most of the comics I read, Tundra is not available online, at least not for free. So I'm doing the ethically dubious thing by presenting the scan of it here.
    To assuage my guilty conscience, I am also providing the link to the Tundra website where you can find out more about the strip, become a Patreon supporter, see some examples, buy books and other merch, and other good stuff. If my showing the strip here can help generate a little income, then I won't feel so bad about posting this.
I'll keep posting new strips here, but in case that's not enough, I found a huge archive of Oz-themed comics right here at Browse at your leisure!

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