Sunday, December 05, 2021

This Week's Oz Comics Wrap-Up

Yeah, another busy week, and they've piled up:

  • I dunno, does this edition of TrivQuiz count? Well, one of the albums mentioned sounds almost like The Wizard of Oz
  • John Cole has this editorial cartoon about a recently announced candidate for the Senate in Pennsylvania.
  • I got into Skin Horse for it's Ozzy connections, but in this behind-the-curtain strip from today, writer Shaenon Garrity is in august company. The lead name at the top of the second column is especially well-known to Oz fans.
  • Finally, I have yet to mention here a new strip that recently started on WebToons, Fleischer and the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The premise is, what if another famous fictional Kansan went to Oz instead of Dorothy? The trouble is, the character is still under copyright and trademark protection, so they can't actually say who he is. You'll just have to be a super guesser, man. I was tickled by Dorothy's cameo, and thunderstruck by the most recent strip that makes it extremely clear that this is the Oz of the books, not one made famous in any dramatized versions. Definitely bookmark this one and check it out every few days.

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