Sunday, November 07, 2021

This Week's Oz Comics

Things are gradually settling down again, and I hope to start doing these daily again (on days when there are Oz comics, of course) soon. But until then, these weekly roundups seem to do just fine.

  • Our first comic of the week, on November 1, was this comment on where Dorothy was going in 1 and Done. Yeah, more than one person has wondered what was really so great about Kansas that Dorothy actually wanted to go back to. Of course she eventually brought Uncle Henry and Aunt Em to Oz and moved there permanently. I'd probably do the same thing!
  • On the same day, Oz is mentioned in this rendition of TrivQuiz. I'm pretty sure this is a rerun, as TrivQuiz often does, and that art sure looks familiar.
  • The next day, on November 2, this is happening in Working Daze. I think they need some sort of control device. Maybe one that can be worn on the head, possibly made of gold!

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