Sunday, August 15, 2021

What Ozzy Thing Am I Doing Now?

It has been a busy couple of weeks around here, as you'll see by the flurry of new blog posts you'll be seeing this week. But here are two of the biggies:

  • Remember my mysterious other book I read, but couldn't tell you about yet? Well, here it is! I'm also a Doctor Who fan, and so I was very excited to hear about the new book The Wonderful Doctor of Oz by Jacqueline Rayner. Yes, it's a full-blown Wizard of Oz/Doctor Who crossover. And I get to tell you all about it because Laura and I were recruited to record an episode of the Trap One podcast about it! So, here it is!
  • My other big recent Oz project involves the L. Frank Baum Memorial Award, the International Wizard of Oz Club's highest honor. It is decided on each year by the previous winners, which for some extraordinary reason has included me since 2013. Normally, we keep very tight-lipped about who won so that it comes as a complete surprise to everyone at the National Oz Convention when it's announced. But thanks to our current pandemic (get vaccinated and keep wearing your masks, everyone!), the last two years it has all been virtual, and the winners have been announced via a This Is Your Life-inspired video. Since this year's winner is someone I've known for over forty years, and I had all the contacts, I offered to put the video together. So, here is the announcement video for my long-time Oz friend, Lynn Beltz.
I think that's going to do it for big-time Oz projects for a while, since I start back to work tomorrow and that's going to keep me pretty busy. But you never know what this crazy hobby of mine will throw at you!

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