Saturday, July 31, 2021

This Week's Oz Short Story

Again, there was a long story next in this year's edition of Oziana that I frankly couldn't manage the time to read. (Soon, though.) So I skipped to "Buckethead in Oz" by Marcus Mébès. This is a short little tale of a new character coming to Oz, who doesn't remember who he is. Glimpses of memories and prompting from the celebrities he meets in the Emerald City help, but nobody's any wiser by the end of the story. But that's okay, because this story is a thinly-disguised tribute to the late Chris Dulabone, who published his first Oz books under the imprint Buckethead Enterprises of Oz. And this ties into the first non-fiction piece in Oziana history, also published in this issue, a series of remembrances of Dulabone, his writing and publishing career, and the opportunities he gave so many new Oz authors. I even have one piece, talking about the origin of what may be the most improbably named Oz book ever, Three-Headed Elvis Clone Found in Flying Saucer Over Oz. (In my defense, I never expected Chris to actually write and publish it!)

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