Friday, July 23, 2021

Dorothy's On Hold

I've hit two technical issues that will prevent me from watching and reviewing Season 3 of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, namely:

  1. For some reason, I never managed to get a recording of the next story on the DVR.
  2. The DVR's fan went out, it overheated, and (long story short), we're getting a new DVR today. That means everything on the old one is lost to us. Since that was mostly episodes of Dorothy ond the Wizard of Oz and last year's Oz-themed Hallmark movie If I Only Had Christmas, that's some Oz content I'm now missing.
So Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz is on hold for a while. I have enough other things going on anyway that I'm probably not going to miss it much, but I do hope to get back to it eventually. Maybe more episodes will come out on home media. Maybe Boomerang will be absorbed into HBO Max, which I already have, and which already carries a lot of other cartoons on Boomerang. Or, if worse comes to worse and neither one of these comes to pass, I can get Boomerang for a few months to round off the series.


Michael Booth said...

The show is available on the Boomerang channel on Amazon prime. Perhaps season 3 will be available there at some point.

Eric said...

I can also get Boomerang on its own. One year is actually very affordable, and I may eventually go that route. However, right now it's a case of lack of both money and time, and since I wasn't covering them terribly quickly anyway, I figure I may as well just give the series a rest for now and see what happens down the rod.