Saturday, April 24, 2021

What Ozzy Thing Am I Doing Now?

The International Wizard of Oz Club this year is celebrating fifty years of its fiction anthology, Oziana, with a series of readings from over the years. In most cases, they're trying to get the original authors to read their own stories, but not everyone is able to, or wants to, so a few others are jumping in to pinch hit—like me. My first contribution was most of the 1972 story "It's Tuesday; This Must Be Oz", after author Mary Reynolds introduced it and read the first chapter. So here it is! (Warning: It's a long one, and I do take a break in the middle, so there's a little jump.)

I offered to do that story on the condition that I could read another one, from the 1989 issue, "Rated G for Glinda" by "Leroy Fleming", whose true identity you will discover when you watch this video (which is, thankfully, a lot shorter and had a lot fewer characters to keep track of):
I hope there's the chance to do a few more, but if not, I'm happy I was able to contribute to these ones.

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