Saturday, February 13, 2021

The Latest Oz Short Story

Well if I'm not going to try to do them weekly anymore I may as well not call it a weekly story, right? Actually, I read "Little Dorothy and Toto" from The Little Wizard Stories of Oz last week, meaning to write this earlier, but life got in the way and it didn't quite happen that way. So I think I am totally justified in nto making this a weekly series (at least officially) anymore. Now, where was I? Oh, yes, the story! The Wizard expresses concerns about Dorothy and Toto wandering off and having adventures on their own, but they do just that and encounter Krinklink, a bully who can change his size to suit his needs and mood. The furniture in his castle is huge, but his bed is tiny, and he kidnaps Dorothy so that she can wash all of his normal-sized dishes. But if she breaks any, he's going to whip her as many times as there are broken pieces. It all goes well at first, and Doroty is careful not to break any. But there are so many that she eventually drops a whole stackful. Whoops. Toto, however, trying to save his mistress, goes over to the shrunken, sleeping Crilklink and tussles with him. Crinklink then reveals himsel to be—the Wizard in disguise! Yes, in an effort to prove to Dorothy how dangerous it is to wander around Oz all by herself, the Wizard disguises himself, captures Dorothy and puts her in danger. Um, what? No wonder Dorothy is so mad at him at the end of this story! But she also knows that she will forgive him…eventually…

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