Tuesday, April 24, 2018

This Week's Oz Short Story

Yes, I'm running a little late this week. I hope I haven't kept you waiting! Anyway, the final story in the 1991 edition of Oziana is "A Cozy Castle in Oz" by Frederick E. Otto, with illustrations by Doug Cho, Amy Kelly, Elizabeth Rodriguez, and Eddit Shaw. This is a charming little tale about the royal family of the Quadling village of Grapelandia, including seven-year-old Princess Prunella, and how Woot the Wanderer came to the kingdom and helped solve the mystery of a blue door that nobody was allowed to enter. While there's an exciting tale of jealousy and sorcery going on, Otto is equally good at creating characters and a sense of place in Grapelandia. I'm also amused that this is the second issue in a row where Woot the Wanderer's appearance is a catalyst for events, as he asks the questions nobody else in the story thought to ask before, and he provides an outsider's perspective.

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