Sunday, February 10, 2013

Today's Mystery Oz Comic

This comic was recently posted on Facebook. Trouble is, I have no idea which comic it is, or what year it was published (although we at least have the 6-30 for a date). Go ahead and enjoy it, but if you can also help identify it, that would be awesome. UPDATE: Thanks to Jared (for those who don't read the comments), we now know that that's the June 30, 2007 edition of Tundra. (Since their archives only start in 2008, we can't link to the original.) Jared also shared this other cartoon from the same artist.

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Jay said...

It's copyrighted 2007. It's from, which has many strips for license for newspapers. (However, their on-site archive starts at 2008.)

They also have another Oz-themed one here: