Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Mightiest Dorothy of Them All!

Laura and I had a good time watching the DVD of Adventures in Oz with Cheryl (to give its full name, and to avoid any more cracks comparing it to Eric Shanower's latest book). It's hosted by Cheryl Silich, who is a fitness expert and contestant on American Gladiators. It shows!

Yup, nobody's going to mistake her for Judy Garland or anything drawn by W. W. Denslow or John R. Neill.

But seriously, it's a fun little workout for kids, told within a fitness-themed version of The Wizard of Oz. Whenver the action stops for a song, there's a little window that pops up and Cheryl does the workout portion. Don't take it too seriously, it is not a 100% faithful retelling of the story. But it is amusing, and there's a neat twist ending that old time Oz fans will get a kick out of. The workouts themselves don't look too strenuous (yeah, how sad is that that I didn't actually do them?), so I wouldn't recommend it for serious weight loss or toning for adults, but I'll bet kids would get along with it just fine.

If you want to get it, or the extra equipment that can go along with it (but isn't necessary), or just to find out more, take a look at

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