Friday, April 14, 2006

Library lament

I am not very happy with my local libary right now, since they have been doing too good of a job of finding books that I ask for and getting them to me. To be sure, that's their job, but when I have so many other books on my plate to read as well... I can't really complain too much, since I'm the one who asks for them, then forgets to put a freeze on the hold until I get a better opportunity. Anyway, on top of my regular two books in my pile (both relatively light reads, fortunately), I have the review book I told you about earlier, and now the library has also delivered Lion of Hollywood, the new biography of Louis B. Mayer. At least this one is Oz-related (my last few have been about the old Pacific Coast League and the Seattle Raniers). But when I asked for it, I didn't realize it was over six hundred pages long! At least I have it for a month, and can probably renew it. So why am I taking so much time to talk to you, when I should get busy reading, eh?

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