Monday, January 02, 2006

New Shirt on Zazzle

I admit I haven't been adding many shirts to Zazzle lately. It takes awhile to scan the images then clean them up to my standards. But because May 15th is the 150th Anniversary of L. Frank Baum's birth, Eric and I decided to add a special anniversary shirt to Our Zazzle Gallery.

You can click here to see the shirt. If you have any other suggestions for Oz shirts, please post a comment. Please note that we can ONLY use public domain images for Zazzle products.

As an added bonus, the two most popular shirts on the Zazzle site for us are Winged Monkeys and More Winged Monkeys. Number three is... Another Winged Monkey shirt! The 100 year Anniversary Land of Oz shirt breaks the pattern at number four. I Hate Dignity is next, but it's one of my favorites.

We've also submitted two designs for stamps, but we aren't sure if they will be approved for the public gallery. One was a test stamp using the I Hate Dignity image, and the second was the photo of L. Frank Baum. If they go through, I'll link to them immediately.

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