Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Flipping Through Previews (Oz Edition)...

This is my monthly look at Previews Magazine to find all the comic book Oz stuff that Oz fans ought to know about. For a little more info on what this is all about and how to get this stuff, see this post.

These items are due to arrive in comic shops in March 2006.

Oz Books

I'll start this one with the usual warning about this book: it contains mature themes and language, and if you want your Oz to be innocent and sweet, this is not the book for you. This is a neat retelling of Oz in a fumetti format that features a Goth Dorothy finding a robot Toto and learning about her strange past during a visit to Oz. This is from Illusive Productions, and you can get these books through your local comic book store using the order codes listed below, or directly through their website.

  • Dorothy #6 - Order Code: JAN06 3123 - $5.00
    Previous Issues:
  • Dorothy #1 (2nd Printing) - Order Code: AUG05 3008 - $5.00
  • Dorothy #2 - Order Code: JAN05 2840 - $5.00
  • Dorothy #3 - Order Code: MAR05 2987 - $5.00
  • Dorothy #4 - Order Code: MAY05 2838 - $5.00
  • Dorothy Collection 1 (includes first four chapters) - Order Code: JUL05 2960 - $14.95
  • Dorothy #5 - Order Code: OCT05 3073 - $5.00

Non-Oz Books

Antarctic Press goes to a different world of wonder this month with an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland by Rod Espinosa. This should be a good book for all-ages.

  • Alice in Wonderland #2 - Order Code: JAN06 2838 - $3.50
    Previous Issues:
  • Alice in Wonderland #1 - Order Code: DEC05 2794 - $3.50

Image Comics provides us with another volume of Lions, Tigers & Bears. While this series is not specifically linked to Oz, it is an all-ages book that ought to be a good read for many Oz fans.

  • Lions, Tigers & Bears vol 2 #1 - Order Code: JAN06 1780 - $2.99

So that's it for this month's Flipping Through Previews (Oz Edition)... This is a very small month. If you found something I missed, feel free to use the comments below to point it out. If you have any questions, also feel free to comment.

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