Friday, August 19, 2005

Oogaboo Rendezvous

We're having an Oogaboo Rendezvous at our place tonight, here in lovely Bothell Washington. The party will continue all night long and into tomorrow, when it will finally break up around 10 pm or so, depending on when people want to leave.

This is not the first double-day Oogaboo Rendezvous, nor will it be the last, but it will be the longest one I've helped to co-host.

If you are in the Seattle area and are interested in dropping by, drop me a line for directions. If you are very clever, you might even figure out how to call Eric and ask for directions.

By the way, updates to the Oz website may be a tad slow over the next few days/week because Eric's computer apparently caught a cold (neat trick for a Mac, actually) and is in the shop until he can get it repaired.

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