Friday, August 12, 2005

My latest Oz idea that will probably never, ever happen

Like just about everyone else on planet Earth, I get lots of ideas that, for reasons of time or money or it's-already-been-done or whatever, I never actually do anything about. But this one has to do with Oz, so I thought I'd share it with you. And possibly one of you may have the time and energy to make this a reality, so who knows?

If you're not familiar with a wiki, here's the basic idea: It's a communal website/database/reference are where anyone can not only go in and read what's there, they can also alter the contents. Yup, if you go to a wiki about cars, and you find that they left off that variant model of the 1954 Ocelot*, you can go in and add the information. Probably the best known and most comprehensive wiki is Wikipedia, an online user-edited encyclopedia. I've even had someone ask me about using information from my site for the Oz entries -- the Oz entries that were put in to counter some of the weird and not-really-true stuff that other people had put in. And that points out one of the biggest problems with wikis, is that they can be misleading, or even out and out false. Sometimes it's deliberate, sometimes it's just out of ignorance, but it does mean that a good wiki would need to have an editor who's on top of things.

At any rate, getting (at last) to my good idea, wouldn't an Oz wiki be cool? About all aspects of Oz: the books, the movie, the fans, the toys, the people... The possibilities are endless, and it could be potentially very useful and fun. Too bad I won't be the guy to do it. But if someone were to start one, I'd gladly contribute and offer my advice...

* No, there is no such car as an Ocelot**, and certainly not one made in 1954**. I'm just making something up to illustrate my point.

** So far as I know. I'm no car expert.

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