Monday, August 22, 2005

More About Oogaboos

For some odd reason, I posted my report of the Oogaboo Rendezvous over on Bloggity. So feel free to go on over there to read about it.

There is one major inaccuracy in the report, however. The Jeopardy game was not the quiz, as I thought, but just a fun game. The quiz was a scavenger hunt followed by identification of the objects found in the hunt. Lynn was the winner.

This will go down as the "chicken" Rendezvous, as the potluck somehow turned out to be mostly chicken.

Also, the toilet backed up toward the end of the evening, which led to some worries, but it's all fixed now.

After most of the Oogaboos had left, the teenagers who were staying with us for the night rented Napoleon Dynamite to force it upon us old fogeys.

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