Friday, July 01, 2005

I have the coolest sister-in-law in the world!

My in-laws are on a cross-country road trip, and I should have known something was up when Lisa, my wife's twin kid sister (even though they're seven years apart in age, they are very similar looking, and have been mistaken for twins once or twice) left us a voice mail from just over the state line in Missouri, saying, "I have a feeling we're not in Kansas any more." Then she mentioned some mysterious package she was sending to us on her blog...

Well, the mystery package arrived to day. I t looks like they took a swing through Wamego, Kansas, and stopped at the Oz Museum -- because the mystery package was full of goodies from the museum! There's a flyer and a couple of postcards, one of those metal round things you hang in your window, and a "Kansas Graffiti" T-shirt. Lots of Ozzy little sayings on it, like "Hey, Lion, get some singing lessons!" and "Trained monkeys, will fly for food," as well as lots of quotes from The Movie. Guess which shirt I'll be wearing one day down at the Winkie Convention next weekend?

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