Sunday, November 08, 2020

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Chasing Rainbows

(Please don't mess Polychrome up, please don't mess Polychrome up!)

A promising start, with Polly falling right off the rainbow and into the Tin Man's arms! That hear must be pretty effective, because he's immediately smitten. But in the course of their meeting, the rainbow fades away, which is a problem for Polly since she's part rainbow, and can only survive a day on the ground. Not wanting that to happen, Tin Man takes her to the Emerald City to get her some help. While Polly is trying to understand the strange habits of creatures on the land (she's a little miffed at how a chair rudly doesn't answer her), Dorothy and the gang try to find a rainstorm so that they can get Polly back on the rainbow once it appears. The wonky weather machine is on the fritz, so they use Ozma's magic painting to search for the rainbow. It's in Munchkinland, so they ruby slipper over there, only for the rainbow to fade away as soon as they get there. They keep chasing it around Oz, but it always fades away. If we can't get to it running around on the ground, Dorothy reasons, maybe we can fly after it. Sure enough, using the Wizard's balloon, they find the rainbow, but the moment Polly steps out of the balloon, the sun goes behind a cloud and it disappears again! All right, says the Tin Man, if we can't take Polly to the rainbow, we'll bring the rainbow to us! Back in the Emerald City, the Tin Man turns himself into a watering can and makes rain. Sure enough, they make a rainbow, and Polly makes it home just before she fades away for good. The Tin Man misses Polly, but Mr. Smih and Mr. Tinker fix the weather machine, which is predicting rain tomorrow. Things are looking up for him!

This was one of the most charming, Ozzy episodes of the show so far. And they got Polychrome mostly right! Okay, she looks a little more cartoony than I would like, and her colors are really bright, but she has all the elements that John R. Neill put into her in his illustrations of her, including the blonde hair and skull cap, and unlike some depictions of characters from the books on this show, she's actually pretty close to her book version. I think the Tin Man falling for her as hard as he does is a little out of character, but that's about the only thing that feels off to me. And we get the magic picture painting put to good use, too.

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