Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Dorothy Is Taking a Week Off

Sorry, folks. If you were awaiting my next installment in my recaps of the episodes of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, you'll have to wait a bit longer. I just had so many other things on my plate this weekend that I finally decided to take a week off. But the good news is I will have some time freeing up again very soon, and so I may take advantage and do some doubling up. Because there are a lot of episodes left on my DVR, and according to the list of episodes on Wikipedia, even more are coming later this month! I had heard somewhere that the show had been cancelled after the second season, but this is clearly not he case. In fact, once this third season ends, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz will have more episodes than the show it most resembles, Tales of the Wizard of Oz. Sources can't seem to agree on how many episodes that show has, but the biggest I've seen is 130, and I have 126 on VHS! Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz will surpass that somewhere towards the end of the third season. Now if only Warner Bros. would release more of them on DVD. I have the first two, which have a combined twenty episodes, but with a little creative cramming, I bet they could fit a whole lot more than that onto a blu-ray disk.

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