Saturday, March 07, 2020

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: The Tin Giant

And we're back! I figured I'd better get this week's episode taken care of as quick as possible. This episode opens with Smith and Tinker having to deal with their latest invention, but just as soon as that's done, Wilhelmina kidnaps them! Tik-Tok witnesses it, and runs to inform Dorothy and the boys. (Drop the bad Italian accent on Tik-Tok already! He's one of my favorite favorite characters in the books, but the only one I actually hate in this show! But I digress.) Next thing we see is Smith and Tinker putting the finishing touches on a tin giant in Wilhelmina's castle. But before she can get into the control seat, the Wicked Witch of the West gets in first! Thinking she knows it all, the Wicked Witch doesn't wait for final instructions from the giant's creators before storming out of the castle and running roughshod over the countryside. So Dorothy, Toto, Wilhelmina, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, Frank, Lyman, Smith, Tinker, and Tik-Tok (phew!) all go after her. Meanwhile, the Wicked Witch is having problems navigating her toy, but eventually she gets the hang of it and terrorizes the Munchkin city. She eventually captures the Wizard and demands her powers back, but by now the rest of the crew have caught up to her, and Wilhelmina demands her tin giant back. She gets into the cockpit, and she and her auntie keep commanding the tin giant to get rid of the other one. Before long, he gets rid of them both, and runs rampant around the countryside. Frank and Lyman rescue Wilhelmina, but the Wicked Witch isn't so lucky. Eventually, the Tin Man appeals speaks from his heart and appeals to the tin giant's better nature, and stops him from destroying everything. So, who gets him now? The Wicked Witch has had enough of him, and Wilhelmina decides, after they save her life, that Frank and Lyman are enough servants for her. They take off, so Smith and Tinker take over the tin giant and leave with Tik-Tok. Dorothy and her crew ruby slipper out of there, knowing that everything has been worked out satisfactorily. The poor Wicked Witch is left all alone in the middle of a field.

Well, this is essentially The Wizard of Oz does mecha. Hey, who doesn't like seeing a giant robot running berserk around the countryside, so long as all's well in the end? I don't really have much to add, except this is definitely one of the sillier episodes of this show.

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