Wednesday, January 01, 2020

The Latest Oz Comic Books

It's been a very quiet time for Oz comic books of late (that may change soon—but more on that as it happens!), but I do have two that I've acquired recently, and so I'd better tell you about them.

  • Zenescope recently wrapped up its Oz: Heart of Magic series with issue number 5. After sacrificing herself in the last issue, Dorothy's friends rally around her and give of their own life forces to revive Dorothy and give her back her proper form. A few days later, Dorothy and all her allies confront the Wizard and his armies, resulting in a huge battle just outside the Emerald City. Through the course of events, Glinda manages to take the Gem of Zamora and release Ozma, who can now put Oz to right and return everyone to where they need to be. But before he perishes, the Wizard says that what's coming is so much worse. Oh, dear, I think they're setting up another series!
  • I also bought Bettie Page: Unbound #6, but only for the cover, which seems entirely appropriate for a comic book about Bettie Page. Sure enough, no Oz content to the book, just a cover homage (and only one cover at that).

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