Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Sisterhood of the Witch

Well, back to the regular episodes (and there are still quite a few more to go)! In an isolated tea room somewhere, a bunch of witches are showing off their new spells. The Wicked Witch shows up for the first time in ages, and she is quickly discovered to have no magic. So one of them, Mean Geanne the Green, decides to take over the castle. The Wicked Witch runs away to the Emerald City to enlist the Wizard's help, explaining that Geanne may be even worse than her. Meanwhile, Geanne is running Frank, Lyman, and Wilhelmina ragged. The Wizard shows up, getting remote commands from the Wicked Witch through Wilhelmina's magic compact, but her encounter with a rabbit causes her to give him contrary directions. Geanne now knows something is up, so Wilhelmina and the monkeys hide, and the Wizard loses the compact. Wilhelmina picks it up and asks her aunt what's going on, but when Geanne finds her hiding place, Geanne tries to turn Wilhelmina into a bat! Geanne's aim is off, however, and she zaps the campact's mirror, turning herself into a bat and defeating herself. The Wicked Witch steps in, takes over again, and reneges on her promise to help the Wizard control his magic.

They've only been supporting characters this season, so it's nice to have a story that puts the Wicked Witch and the Wizard front and center. In fact, all Dorothy and the boys do in this episode is play charades! The only other observation I will make is that one of the other witches in the tea room looks suspiciously like Witch Hazel from the old Looney Tunes cartoons. Nice little intercompany crossover there, then!

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