Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Latest Oz Reading

I know, I know, I said int was going to be a while before I had another of these. But that was before the comics order came! There were a few Oz items in it, so I guess I'd better summarize them here.

  • Grimm Fairy Tales #30. This is Zenescope's flagship title, and the Ozzy cover caught my eye, and I found out part of the storyline took place in their version of Oz. Unfortunately for me, this was not the first issue of their Oz storyline, and I may have to go back and get a few more issues (plus stay on top of things until it leaves Oz again). I gather that Skye, the title's main protagonist, captured some Munchkins in the previous issue, and accompanies them to their village, where she meets up with their sage. The sage helps Skye decode the writing on a shield from Camelot, and so Skye is off on a journey to find other magic items and the ingredients needed for a spell. Not much actually happening, but Skye does get to learn more about Oz and pick up some allies.
  • Oz: Heart of Magic #5. Dorothy's quest to regain her true form and save Oz continues. She and her allies manage to infiltrate the Nome Kingdom and find Glinda and Adastra, awakening them. But in the Emerald City, Bartleby, the Scarecrow, finds out that the usurper's plans have nearly come to fruition, and they reveal themselves to be the Mad Wizard and Ann Soforth, exiled empress of Oogaboo! And what's worse is they hold Ozma in their power. Good thing there's only one issue left of this miniseries.
  • Cheshire Crossing by Andy Weir and Sarah Andersen. Way back when, before he became a bestselling, award-winning science fiction writer, Andy Weir wrote fanfic, and even created crossover comic books. One of those featured Dorothy Gale, Alice Liddell, and Wendy Darling meeting up and having adventures in each other's worlds. Weir would be the first to tell you, however, that his art was not terribly good. So when it came time to collect this adventure into one book, he wisely decided to find someone to draw proper illustrations for it. Sarah Andersen fits the bill very nicely, and this collection is the result. Not a lot has changed about the actual story, which eventually sees the Wicked Witch of the West and Captain Hook allying themselves to take over various realms, and the three girls and their friends stopping them. They make clever uses of their various abilities and magic talismans, and it all comes to a satisfying ending, while still leaving the door open for further adventures (yes, please). I'm glad this story has finally been properly published, and in such an attractive form, too.
And that's it for now! I have no idea if I'll have another entry in this series soon, but Oz books just keep popping up at this house all the time!

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