Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: The Return of the Wicked Witch

Yes, our epic tale featuring the return of both the Wizard and the Wicked Witch concludes with this segment. Everyone is out of the crystal ball, including the Witch possessing the Wizard! But the Witch fools them all into thinking she's gone for good, including Wilhelmina, who mourns the loss of her auntie. The Scarecrow sneaks the crystal ball out and takes it back to the Emerald City, not trusting the Wizard. In a private conference, the Witch steals Ozma's wand, and uses it to take over Oz and transforms Ozians into animals, trapping Ozma in butterfly form in a bell jar. The Wizard takes control long enough to tell Dorothy what's happening, but the Witch transforms the Lion into a pig to get the Ruby Slippers from Dorothy so she can get her old body back. Dorothy gives her one slipper—which looks really, really odd on the Wizard's foot—but then Ozma escapes, causing the wand to give her her real form and return to her ("I had no idea my wand could do that!"). They nearly trap the Witch in the crystal ball, but Wilhelmina zaps it and takes the wand back. Left with no choice, Dorothy hands her the other slipper, and the Witch regains her old body. She's primed to bring trouble to Oz—but she has no magic powers. They're still in the Ruby Slippers, which are still on the Wizard's feet! He's tempted to use the Slippers himself to gain magic powers and rule Oz, but he now knows that that wouldn't be right, and he gives the Slippers back to Dorothy. The Witch vows revenge, but doesn't even have the power to fly a boom, so she hitches a lift on Wilhelmina's broom back to the castle. The Wizard, however, seems to have gained the Witch's powers, and can do some magic. He's still so uncoordinated with it, however, that nothing he tries goes right. He's settling down to practice, and Dorothy is sure he'll get there in the end.

This was a satisfying conclusion to this storyline, and sets things up nicely for the rest of the series. The Wicked Witch is back, but needs to get powers before she can take over Oz. The Wizard is not only back, he even has real magic now, but doesn't know how to use it. And there's still several episodes left! But it looks like this is now going to become a weekly update. So I'll see if I can tell you about the next episode this weekend!

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