Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Lost in Oz, Chapter 23: Saving Cyra

With everyone back in Oz, job one is to save Cyra, West's mother. Glinda pours every element in the periodic table of magic at the figurine that Kaliko turned her into, but she is unsuccessful. It seems the Nomes have developed their own takes on magic that Glinda can't crack. Desperate and feeling alone, West turns to the only other person who knows anything about Nome magic: her aunt Langwidere! West doesn't really trust her, but Langwidere talks her into creating a door in the picture she's in. But Dorothy, Evelyn, and the gang get to West just in time and convince her to stop and leave Langwidere where she is. They assure West that she's not alone and that they will figure out a way to free Cyra. But West is still upset, and starts crying. Good thing, too, because it turns out her tears can disenchant Cyra! Cyra then has a joyful reunion with West, and then another one with her childhood friend Evelyn. While all this is going on, Roquat is on his way to the Emerald City, tailed by Kaliko who is carrying the ornamentizing scepter. Guph still believes that Roquat knows where in Oz the Magic Belt is, so he's let Roquat escape to lead him to the Belt. The episode ens with Roquat running in and warning Glinda and our heroes that Guph is coming, and Dorothy is determined to stop him.

Yeah, things are really starting to move along now! Things are clearly getting set up for a dramatic conclusion, and I'm looking forward to it. I was also intrigued, however, by a couple of little throwaway signs. Since Langwidere is trapped in a painting in Smith's studio, we see him briefly talking to his partner, Tinker (yes, introducing another new character from the books!) about selling one of their robots to an evil queen. I suspect this is about the Lost in Oz version of either Tik-Tok or the Giant with the Hammer, and setting things up for the next season! I've also decided that I'd like to see a flashback season to Evelyn and Cyra as kids in an '80s version of Oz.

While I'm looking forward to the last three episodes, they may be put on hold for a few days, as I have other stuff going on this weekend that will probably preclude me from watching. But I really hope I can wrap this up next week, as I'm still enjoying this show immensely.

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