Thursday, July 12, 2018

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Brain Power of Love

Ozma treats Dorothy to some new clothes, and takes her to the Emerald City's top seamstress, the Patchwork Girl! And I am going to stop here and just tell you that their version of the Patchwork Girl is adorable! Here, let me show you:

Anyway, as Scarecrow wanders by, he gets all weird and goofy, like his brain isn't working. Everyone else thinks his brains are going bad or he's under a spell or something. In fact, here's a video clip:
Yes, this is also the DatWoO introduction of Professor Wogglebug. By the way, nice callback to the Scarecrow's wrong math theorem from The Movie. And how much do you want to bet that Dorothy got that quiz out of an issue of Cozmo? So now that Wilhelmina thinks the Patchwork Girl is a witch who can steal brain power, she kidnaps Patchwork Girl in order to learn her secret. This sets the gang out on a quest to rescue her, and of course it's the Scarecrow who thinks up the plan to save her. All is well, and Patchwork Girl has a new hero to like: Scarecrow!

This is an important episode, because it shows just how much the producers are taking from the books, especially by introducing Patchwork Girl as a recurring character. And she is just a great character in this show. She's not quite as wildly impulsive as she is in the books, and by running a dress shop she now also has elements of Jenny Jump. Okay, the plot is slight and Scarecrow's plan is pretty unlikely (which just goes to show how silly Wilhelmina is), but the characterizations in this one just make it extra special.

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