Monday, July 09, 2018

Lost in Oz, Chapter 22: The Eclipse

Timing is everything in this episode. Axel figures out the exact time and place they need to be to maximize the effectiveness of the eclipse's influence over the magic journal. Trouble is, Reigh is still locked up, and they have to rescue him first. So it's off to the local animal shelter where Dorothy, West, Toto, Patchwork, and Evelyn have concocted a plan. Of course it doesn't go quite right. It doesn't help that Reigh is heavily sedated—he is a wild lion, after all. But they eventually get him out, and everyone meets in the woods so that the Ozians can head home. Without the penny, however, they can't go fourth. With no time to go back and find it, West has to use her innate magic, which she can't access without Dorothy. So Dorothy, to help her friends, tells Evelyn she's going back. Having only just gotten her back, however, Evelyn isn't letting Dorothy out of her sight—so she goes with them, too! This episode ends with Dorothy, Toto, West, Scarecrow, Reigh, Patchwork Doll, and Evelyn all whirling back to Oz in the Gales' white station wagon! Axel, meanwhile, has been put in charge of the museum until Evelyn gets back.

Another episode light on actual story advancement, but the rescue of Reigh is played for laughs as it pads the episode out. Best new character is Brenda, who appears to be the only human at the shelter. She's not much of a people person, and isn't too fond of cats, either. When she sees Patchwork running around as Reigh screams in fear of her, she loses it and drives the van off at top speed. I suspect she may be thinking about a career change. We also get a couple of flashbacks to when really little Dorothy first adopts Toto as a puppy, and they are even cuter together than they are in the "present" day. And no, we didn't see anything with Guph and the Nomes, so we'll just have to wait until the next episode to see what's been happening in Oz.

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