Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Rules of Attraction

It's Valentine's Day, which is Dorothy's favorite holiday. She has to teach her friends about it, however, as it's apparently not an Ozian holiday. Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion make her extravagant gifts, but Ozma gives her something from the magic vault: the Love Magnet. It's a little too powerful, however, as everyone falls in love with Dorothy while she's holding it, even the Lollipop Guild. The smothering gets a little overwhelming. Dorothy figures out that she can give the Love Magnet away, so then everyone falls in love with Scarecrow, then Tin Man while they have it. (I think I understand why Ozma keeps it in her vault!) Finally, Dorothy tosses it up as high as she can, only for Wilhelmina to catch it! She's been watching, and figures that if she has the Love Magnet, Dorothy will love her so much she'll give Wilhelmina the Ruby Slippers. Only trouble is, the Magnet only works on native-born Ozians, so Dorothy is immune! Last we see of it, Wilhelmina is zooming away with it on her broom, followed by lovesick Frank and Lyman.

So now we have this cartoon's version of the Love Magnet. This is some powerful stuff! Not much else is added to this version of Oz. This is a particularly light and frothy episode of this generally light and frothy series, but any fans of old movies or classic cartoons will get a kick out of the various comedic chase scenes as Dorothy is running from her admirers, including the classic corridor gag.

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