Sunday, January 28, 2018

This Week's Oz Short Story

The 1988 issue of Oziana concludes with "A Side View of the Nonestic Islands" by Timothy Perper and Martha Cornog, with an illustration by David Billman. This one is unusual in that it isn't about Oz, directly, but an interesting scientific discovery in our world. Flying over the Pacific, a military scientific expedition tries out a new form of radar, and discovers a previously unknown landmass and several surrounding islands. The largest piece of land includes a fertile region in the midst of a desert, with four colorful triangular regions and a green city in the middle. Needless to say, this shakes things up in the corridors of power, and departments and researchers involved with the arcane and fortean get involved. Fortunately, things resolve themselves and the discovery gets buried, but it could have turned out much, much worse for everyone. This is a clever story, and reading it now with a lot more experience and knowledge under my belt, I can appreciate a lot of the sly references.

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