Thursday, August 17, 2017

This Week's Oz Short Story

This week's second story from the 1982 issue of Oziana was very short, indeed, at only a page and a half. In "The Change Made by the Magic Turnstyle" by Edith Ellen Reuwer, Dorothy goes through Jenny Jump's Magic Turnstyle, only to inadvertently press a button that changes one's temperament, and turning Dorothy into a tyrant! She even accuses Ozma of being a peasant, and that she shouldn't be the queen! Really, the nerve. It takes a few more changes through the turnstyle to get things right, but things finally settle back to normal, and the temperament button gets deactivated. Phew! I gather editor Jay Delkin found this story by a young girl on the Oz Club's research table and punched it up a bit, but otherwise kept the basic story. That's a good thing, young fans and writers need to be nurtured and encouraged. I hope others can do so in the future.

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